All good Samaritans need the best jumper cables they can find

But not all good Samaritans are as road-worthy as one would have hoped. Let us not put too many more demands on the shoulders of these fine men and women that are always willing to help out someone in need, even under the most adverse conditions. Could it be Murphy’s Law that most emergencies seem to occur at the dead of night along isolated and sometimes unsafe roads? Professional emergency help is still miles away.

A good thing to be said for the Good Samaritans on the road is that they are usually the first to pass by someone in distress. And, of course, they will stop immediately. Worst case scenario is that the car will be left temporarily abandoned along the side of the road until the deviant tow-truck driver arrives with his heavy chains. More than likely, perhaps even deliberately, he will not have packed in a jumper cable. Best case scenario perhaps is that one lone Good Samaritan will have.

As was mentioned from the beginning, not all good Samaritans will be road-worthy. They are, perhaps, focused on other skills. Let us propagate in the most well-meaning way possible that all good Samaritans should have the best jumper cables in the back of their car boots. Among these many fine cables that are generally given favorable reviews on the internet are those that can be deemed to be user friendly in the sense that even the most un-roadworthy man or woman will be able to jump-start a distressed citizen’s car.

the best jumper cables

Because these are good people we are dealing with, they will be pleased to know that many of the cables available for purchase are portable, lightweight and environmentally-friendly.